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Therapy Services

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Individual Therapy

Teletherapy appointments available for individuals in North Carolina, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Psychotherapy Classes

PsychoEducation courses designed to support your mental health and well being offered through a self-paced online curriculum. (Check back soon!)

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Therapy Intensives

Intensives provide a higher level of wrap around support for a set period of time. Programs offered for adults and adolescents and typically include two sessions per week in addition to additional assignments and check-ins. (Full)

The Sage Approach

The Sage approach bridges Western Psychology with Eastern Wisdom traditions to support your whole being. Walking this therapeutic path is a sacred journey and we are honored to support you in it. Spiritual Psychology looks at the whole person; from the mental, physical, creative, intellectual and spiritual, and draws from your own unique experience and callings. Transpersonal Psychology, Spiritual Psychology, and PsychoSpiritual Therapy are all names for the therapeutic process that focuses on improving mental health while also incorporating a more holistic point of view with an emphasis on a healthy spirit for healing. Practice specialities include: trauma, addressing abandonment, struggles with anxiety and depression, relationship issues, life transitions and finding purpose, and ADHD.

If you know how to suffer, you suffer less.

Thích Nhất Hạnh

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